What Happened When I Painted Furniture for the First Time


Well this post has been FAR too long in the making. Before I start, I want to let you know that this "DIY Project" has caused me to almost loose my mind a few times and has really confirmed that I actually hate DIY projects. Lol. (jk not jk) Nonetheless, it's been a success despite taking too long and me getting all the wrong things. But I learned. I learned that I have zero patience when it comes to projects that skew a bit far too from the instructions. HA! It's actually really funny. I'm sure if my temper slash impatience could muscle through it, I'm 100% positive you could too. Here's the good bad & fugly of these DIY nightstands:

How it should go:

Something that went really right was finding nice quality, cheap furniture. I scored 2 identical nightstands (remember 2, it's important) at a local furniture thrift store. They were $20 each, so I purchased 2 nightstands for a grand total of $40.  Then they recommend you buy the name-brand Annie Sloan chalk paint, (which by the way, costs $40 for a pint of paint). The Annie Sloan paintbrush was another $35.....and that's all before the $25 wax container + $otheramount wax paintbrush. The instructions said about 2 (maybe 3) coats of chalk paint, with drying time in between each coat, then wax with a cheesecloth or something, and voila! Done within 2-3 days. Did I buy all this? Course not!

How it actually went: I decided to go the Liv cheap way! I found:

  • Comparable Rustoleum chalk paint at Home Depot for $18/pint
  • Foam brushes for $3 at Hobby Lobby
  • Clear Wax for $7 at Michaels (after coupon)
  • $11 wax brush, also from Michaels.
  • Knobs - also Hobby Lobby - at 50% off $15 for 6.

Feelin' pretty good about ALL THE MONEY I saved, I was excited to get to work. (This is the part to remember that there were 2 identical nightstands). I painted. And I painted. I finished coats #1-3 in 3 days and it was brutal. So much that I had to recover an entire week-and-a-half before putting on coat #4. (Yes I was over it). Also, in case you weren't counting, that's 8 times I've painted the "same" piece of furniture.  These pieces are from the 70's, so the super fancy detail on the doors was oh so fun too.

So after the 4th and final coat (more like 8th coat) was on, next up was waxing! Well, I had my materials but for crying out loud, I could not find a cheese cloth. Or I could not remember to find one. Either way, they sat another 2 weeks until I remembered to grab one. (NO you cannot use a T-Shirt for a picky reason). Finally I said F-it and picked up a cloth at giant, which then left little blue lint pieces all over. At this point I'm in giant F-it mode and wiped them off as best as I could. But whatever, I wasn't going to let that get me down because the FUNNEST part of the project was coming up!! I previously purchased knobs at Hobby Lobby  & was so excited for an easy installation and final reveal...all to find the knobs were TOO SHORT LOL. *cue flipping over the furniture on my living room carpet and running away*

At this point a month has passed since I brought these nightstands home and I know it's driving Boyfriend crazy they're dispersed all over the living room. But what's a few more days right?! Ugh. Back to Hobby Lobby I go. I stood in the aisle for a nice half hour until I was satisfied with my choice of hardware. I bring them home. Put them on. They fit. Once they were up in our bedroom, I just stared at them. Hard work never looked so good.


Soooo although this was more complicating than it probably SHOULD have been, it's ok. They're done! They're beautiful. And I'm so freaking proud of them it's silly. But I'm not ready to "jump" in on the next furniture makeover any time soon ;) ;)