5 Types of Podcasts You Need in Your Life


Is your Podcast game strong? Maybe you're thinking "I don't even know where to begin with Podcasts," I KNOW. You’re not alone. It's crazy that podcasts have been around for a pretty long time and they still can seem like a forgotten medium. The hardest part about opening the podcast app (or wherever you listen to them) is that there is no clear way to tell if the podcast is going to be any good. Right? It's just like hunting for a diamond in the rough on Netflix. I’ve also started some and ended up disappointed because they remind me of annoying radio personalities that laugh too hard at the war-of-the-roses games. (Sorry - hate those!) Getting into a good podcast is challenging, so here are my favorite podcasts I listen to. Please note that they aren’t for everyone, so I’ve also broken them into categories that could be useful :)



Online Marketing Made Easy

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield: This chick knows A LOT about marketing. Listening to someone who is passionate about my industry's trends and tips is a great way to get myself motivated for work in the mornings. Although I'm not a weekly listener, I choose topics based on the week or month I'm having. 


2.       Career-Based:

TED Talks Business  |     The Classy Career Girl

Ok, so really any "TED" branded thing has me. I like the Business talks because I always learn a theme I can incorporate into professional life. The Classy Career Girl is ideal if you're applying for jobs or starting a new business on your own. Host Anna Runyan does a great job at connecting with her audience with tips on being successful, leadership, money and so much more.


3.       Current Events & Issues:

Work Wives  |  Stuff Mom Never Told You

Work Wives is a new podcast in its first season hosted by two women from Glamour magazine. Annie & Laurel are modern day "work wives" who have conversations "you can only have with the woman who knows you best." Work Wives is a weekly podcast that discusses current issues and other topics focused around women. It's entertaining and smart all in quick 25 min. episodes. One of my favorites right now!

In my opinion, Stuff Mom Never Told You is the older sister of Work Wives, as they've been making hour-long podcasts about 2x/week for the last few years. These 60 minute episodes have 2 female hosts that are also focused on women's issues and other fun stuff. There's some deep research they do too which makes them super credible. *Their last episode aired at the end of 2016 but there's hundreds of episodes to listen to!


4.       Just For Fun:

Why Oh Why

I look forward to Why Oh Why EVERY Friday morning for my commute. This podcast is actually about dating - but hold on - even if you're in a relationship it's just as entertaining. Hosted by Andrea Silenzi, Why Oh Why is in its first season and I just feel like I'm listening to one of my friends telling me about her dating life. It's entertaining, clever and moving. If you feel like you need a girls night out and you live 2 hrs from all of your friends, you're going to love Why Oh Why. (I do!)


5.       Binge-worthy:


Probably a staple on everyone's Podcast list, Serial is a murder mystery divided into hour-long episodes and based on the true story. It's almost like the Podcast form of Netflix's "Making a Murderer" documentary. It's a little disturbing, thought provoking and addicting. Just know - once you start, you won't be able to stop!