28 on my 28th

This past week I celebrated my 28th birthday. And what a strange feeling it was to hush my coworkers, as it was the first year I didn't want people knowing my age, ha! If you've also celebrated this many birthdays, do you feel the same? Like, was 28 your first year to hush the happy birthdays too? Maybe on a sub-conscious level, my mind is freaking a little knowing my 10 year high-school-reunion will be this year. What! In honor of turning 28, here are 28 random facts about me: 

1. I'm addicted to The Bitch Bible podcast and now watch Vanderpump Rules because of it. I know. It's gone against everything I am but I like what I like.
2. The $7 J.Lo spray perfume sold at TJ Maxx is my favorite scent. Lol.
3. I wear pink every year on my birthday. Can't believe I just admitted that.
4. Black is my favorite color to wear, otherwise.
5. I'm addicted to coffee and currently drink 2 cups a day. 
6. When I was 14, my first job was a housekeeper at a local daycare. I washed walls & dishes. Literally will make my future child do the same.
7. Love to watch cheesy ghost stories on TV. (During the day of course).
8. I didn't start cooking until I was 25 years old. I really don't know my food habits before that. 
9. 37 is my favorite number and it follows me everywhere.
10. I hate being around large groups of strangers like at amusement parks or grocery stores. It's a mix of anxiety and white hot rage. 
11. Always doing yoga. I sneak a few stretches in my cubicle when I can.
12. I think I'm good at Skeeball. 
13. I like DIY projects but get bored for the last 10% of the project, so I end up not finishing it. Every. Time.
14. Twice in my life I've moved to different cities/towns where I knew almost no one.
15. My go-to day beverages are prosecco & champagne.
16. I used to make youtube videos and genuinely enjoyed editing them. They're bad though, do not look them up ! But I wish I could get back into it.
17. I cried during the first 10 minutes of the new Beauty & The Beast because, childhood memories.
18. I've been into graphic design since I was 16 and am thrilled to have a career that allows me to design when I can.
19. I have too many pairs of sunglasses and shades of lipstick.
20. I have the patience of a five-year old when it comes to technology and driving.
21. I'm definitely an extroverted introvert in that I like being around people but need more time to unwind.
22. I can eat Thin Mint cookies like chips.
23. On that note, I think I eat better than I actually do. 
24. Death Cab for Cutie is my favorite band.
25. I can play songs on the piano based on what I hear. But I have the worst memory & won't be able to retain what I played. Derp.
26. I have a dry sense of humor like my Dad.
27. I've embraced that being clumsy is a part of who I am. In fact, I'm currently soaking my white jeans with a tea spill on them while I type this.
28. & I still love Lady Gaga.