Our Kitchen: Before & After.

I am v. excited to share this post with you. If you love a good before & after just as much as I do, (um, hello that's why I'm obsessed with Fixer Upper!) you might enjoy our kitchen facelift. We moved into our new home back in October and both wanted to tackle the kitchen first. Everything was in great condition, but we wanted to change the color palatte (which would require a lot of paint & a ton of help). On moving weekend, admist all of the unloading & organization of so. many. boxes, (thank you, Waite fam!!) Steve's parents offered to paint the kitchen for us...cabinets & all! In less than 2 days, the green was gone and the kitchen sparkled with whites & grays. We also picked out cabinet hardware, designed a functional gallery wall and even put together an island on wheels. We love everything about this space and want to thank everyone again for all the help!! Now I have no excuse not to cook ;)