Hi! I'm Olivia.




...but most of you call me Liv.

I'm a late 20's lady filling up my online corner with good vibes, favorite things, bright colors and marketing tips.

My day job is working within the creative and digital marketing industry, which means I love creating a brands story, researching analytics, & developing campaigns. I also dabble a bit in graphic design and enjoy blogging.

When I’m not working, I spend a lot of my time doing yoga, crafts, creating Spotify playlists, house projects and enjoying time with my fiance, Steve. You can also identify me as the ever roaming blonde in HomeGoods & Target. 

Recently, we moved from Baltimore to a suburb outside of Philly. We love it so much that we'll be staying a while! In late 2016, we purchased our first home and you'll see a lot of my posts about decorating & Steve surviving my constant excitement.


About my online space: 

I started blogging back in 2013 after years of keeping an online private journal. My goal was to share my stories and keep it real online...but full transparency is hard. After some time blogging, writing about my personal life didn't come as naturally to me as it used to. Lately, I still enjoy a personal journal entry or two (see these in my Lifestyle posts) but I searched for something more. 

I finally found what I needed - a fun space to share content on my hobbies - like Home Decor, Health & Style, while sharing the other real stuff too.

I'm excited to continue sharing my stories and connecting with you!
Thanks for stopping by.